About DD Take-Outs

In Today’s fast pace world of work, kids, practices, Take-Outs provides families a reasonably priced solution to quality home cooked meals ready when you are.

We specialize in home cooked items just like mom used to make. You can expect to see a variety of healthy options like salads and vegetarian dishes on a regular basis. We will also note low sodium soups when made available.

Dave brings over 30 years of restaurant management and cooking experience locally to work every day. Over the years you have tasted his expertise at Harry’s Grill at the Hotel Magee on main street in Bloomsburg, the Lightstreet Hotel and most recently at Reichart’s Mardi Gras.

At Take-Outs you will see a variety of food that will make every days menu fresh and exciting. A solution for families on the go. Daily menus will be Posted to our Facebook page and also appear on our website. Please call in your order ahead of time and let us now what time you want it ready.

We also provide Catering Services for large or small gatherings. Please see our catering menu for more information.

Today's Menu